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Accidental Spy, The (2001)
[rating: 7.5/10]

Jackie Chan is back again in The Accidental Spy. When I first watched this film I wasn't as enchanted as I have been in the past with Jackie Chan's movies. The film does have some excellent fight scenes, and for the girls we get to see plenty (if not too much) of Jackie's behind. When I got to the end of the movie however, I was still missing something--I'm not sure what. The movie also features the beautiful Vivian Hsu along with a few moments of Bradley James Allan, which some will remember from his excellent role in Gorgeous.

Armour of God (1986)
[rating: 8/10] review
[aka: Operation Condor 2: The Armour of the Gods]

Jackie has to save his ex-girlfriend from evil monks who have captured her to get "The Armour of the Gods." Jackie and his friend go to get the girl and save the day.

This is Jackies version of an Indiana Jones movie. An adventure movie like only Jackie could make, a Kung Fu, Action-Adventure, Comedy.

Armour of God 2: Operation Condor (1990)
[rating: 10/10]
[aka: Operation Eagle, Operation Condor]

We join Asian Hawk in his second adventure, this is of course the sequeal to Armour of God. Gold is hidden in the desert and Asian Hawk and his acomplises venture to find it.

The Big Brawl (1980)
[rating: 6/10]
[aka: Battle Creek Brawl]

Jackies First Hollywood film. Not quite the blockbuster that was expected, although a very enjoyable movie. Jackie plays an imigrant who ends up entering a fighting contest to save his brothers future wife.

It is too bad Jackie didn't have more control over this movie. The director would not let Jackie do things that made Jackie popular in the first place. This is still a good movie but you can tell Jackie didn't direct it.

City Hunter (1992)
[rating: 10/10]

Ryu Saeba (Jackie Chan) is a detective sent to track down a millionaires daughter. He happens to be in the right place at the right time to stop terrorists from hijacking a ship. This is based on a Anime of the same name.

This DVD release is available in the US, it is imported through Tai Seng, but other than putting a sticker on the shrink wrap it is the exact same Hong Kong Mega Star release. The DVD looks great, has English subtitles which the previous DVD from Ocean Shores was lacking. If you haven't seen this movie and you like Jackie Chan you really should. It is a fun movie to watch.

Crime Story (1993)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: Hard to Die, Police Dragon, Serious Crime Squad]

This is not like Jackies other movies. This is a serious police movie. No laughing out loud just a good serious cop movie. There is some good action here and there, but mostly a cop action/drama.

Dragon Lord (1982)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: Dragon Strike, Young Master in Love]

Jackie falls in love and tries to send a love letter with a kite but things go awfully wrong.

This project started as a sequal to Young Master but things didn't quite fit together for it to be a sequal. This is Jackies second movie for Golden Harvest, another great movie.

Dragons Forever (1987)
[rating: 9/10]
[aka: Cyclone Z, High Turbulance]

Jackie plays a womanizing laywer hired to help a drug dealer to continue to pollute the water that is ruining a fishery. Sammo is hired by Jackie to get close to the fishery owner. Yuen Biao is hired by Jackie to plant an electronic bugging device in the fishery owners house. The execution of Yuen's plan to bug the house is a hilarious romp! This movie does deliver the goods. The first three way fight between Yuen, Sammo, and Jackie. This is also unfortunatly the last movie they all three worked on together.

Drunken Master (1979)
[rating: 9/10]
[aka: Dunken Monkey in the Tiger's Eye, Story of Drunken Master, The]

This is an all time favorite among Jackie Chan fans. Jackie is Naughty Panther, when he gets into trouble with his father he's sent to be trained by the ruthless Sam See. Jackie is afraid and runs away only to fall right into Sam's lap when he's saved by Sam. Sam eventually teaches Jackie the art of Drunken Boxing through torturous teaching routines. Jackies father has a price put on his head for revenge. Jackie returns to town just in time to save his fathers life.

Drunken Master 2 (1994)
[rating: 10/10]

Jackie returns to play Wong Fei Hung in this sequal to the original Drunken Master. Jackie always ends up using his Drunken Boxing style even though he was forbidden by his father to do so.

This is considered by many to be the BEST Classic Kung Fu movie out there, and I agree with them. The styling and fast paced action is amazing. The axe attack scene is something that just has to be seen. And Jackies drunken boxing is just amazing!

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