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Welcome to my collective web-sites. I basically run 3 web-sites, Introduction to Widescreen, Jackie Chan: The Movies, and Jet Li: The Movies. Among these pages you'll find my interests. I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Hong Kong films in general. I also have a strong belief in watching movies in there original format. I created these web-sites because I, myself, could not find the information I wanted all in one place--or in and easy to understand format. Since I had a hard time finding all of Jackie Chans movies, I created this website to help everybody else do so. When I got a DVD player I became really curious about the different screen formats, what anamorphic is and so-on. I just could not find the information in an easy to understand document that explained everything there is to know about widescreen, so I made one.

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All email correspondence will be kept confidential. If you are worried about recieving unsolicited email from me don't be. I am simply an individual who has an interest in widescreen movies and Jackie Chan. I want to make the knowledge I have of these subjects available. I have no hidden motives for use of your email address.

My tips if you don't want to recieve unsolicited email (aka: spam)

  • Don't post messages on usenet (newsgroups) unless you change your email address to something like NoSpam@Address.net and then tell people howto email you like: "replace NoSpam with ethan" and "replace Address.net with hkfanatic.com" and so-forth.
  • Whenever someone asks you if they can share your email with others always say "NO". They are just wanting to be able to sell your email address.
  • Create a free email account, (i.e. hotmail, yahoo, etc) and whenever someone who you don't trust asks you for you email address, give them your free account. This way if you do end up getting spam from them at least it will go to your account that you don't really care about.

If you have any questions, information, comments or anything else relating to my pages feel free to email me.

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