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Welcome to my Jackie Chan: The Movies page. This page was created because of my desire to see all of Jackie Chan's movies, and the need to have a listing of all the movies in one easy to find place. Because of the international nature of Jackie Chan's movies they are often renamed, and re-released that can further confuse trying to find one of his movies. That's why this page exsists, and I hope you find it useful. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. I am a huge Jackie Chan fan, and if it's about one of his movies, i probably know the answer or will be able to find it for you.

What is here? You can view cover art and posters from different releases, read reviews and see disc/tape details (widescreen, subtitles, dubbed, etc...).

Click on the buttons to the left for navigation. [A-E], [F-M], [N-R] and [S-Z] are Jackies best work, these are all of his movies since Young Master with the exception of Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagles Shadow which were before. Jackies older movies are in the [Classics] section. Movies Jackie has a cameo in are under [Cameos]. Documentaries and movies made with Jackies help, but not starring Jackie are under [Other].

When viewing the lists click on the title of the movie or the box art to get the full details on that movie. If you own a movie in the list that I don't have the details for please send the info so I can get it updated.

See the Alias List to find just about any Jackie Chan movie. Sometimes movies are renamed, this list is to help you figure out what you are actually going to rent. You may want to print it out and take it to the video store as this aspect of his movies can be confusing. Also look at the RIP-OFFS List so you don't get stuck with renting or buying a movie that Jackie didn't star in.

Visit my Introduction to Widescreen page for information on viewing widescreen movies in a home theater setting. This page has good information on widescreen movies and subtitles. Two things that are common on many Jackie Chan movies.