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Police Story (1985)
[rating: 10/10]
[aka: Jackie Chan's Police Force / Jackie Chan's Police Story]

Jackie gets mixed up in a shooting in which he is implicated of killing a fellow police officer. This is his misadventure as he tries to capture the real killers.

This is one of Jackie's most loved movies. This movie has spawned 3 sequals o far: Police Story II, Supercop, First Strike. This movie set the standard worldwide for police movies. This movie features a wild crash through a shack-town at the first that is just massive in scale. There is so much broken glass in this movie that I start to feel pain for the stuntmen. And poor, poor, poor Brigette Lin who takes a beating through glass and all at the end.

Police Story 2 (1988) [rating: 8/10]
[aka: Jackie Chan's Police Story]

Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)
[rating: 10/10]
[aka: Supercop]

Jackie, Hong Kong's top cop, teams up with the China cops to infiltrate a gang to capture the leader. Jackie helps the gang leaders brother escape from prison and gains his trust. Jackie of course saves the day but not before plenty of action. Michelle Yeoh also stars as Jackie's Chinese counterpart and gets him out of some sticky situations.

Supercop is a non-stop wild ride through China and Hong Kong. With added viewing pleasure offered by Action Goddesses Michelle Yeoh, and Maggie Cheung. Jackie has another hit on his hands with Police Story 3: Supercop!

Police Story 4: First Strike (1996)
[rating: 8/10]
[aka: First Strike / Jackie Chan's First Strike / Police Story 4: Piece of Cake / A Simple Mission / Police Story 4: Story of the CIA (production title)]

Jackie gets a special assignment to work with the CIA. Everything gets mixed up and Jackie ends up working for corrupt KGB officers. Jackie gets framed for murder and must figure out what has happened. In this mixed up mess, Jackie finds out that the people he is working for are trying to buy a bomb that was recently stolen. Jackie saves the day, gets the bomb and once again restores peace.

Project A (1983)
[rating: 9/10]

Jackie plays Dragon Ma in this early 1900's pirate movie. Samo Hung and Yuen Biao co-star with Jackie on this wild ride on the sea. Jackie is in the navy, Yuen Biao is a police officer, Samo Hung is a professional theif and an old acuantance of Jackies. They team up at the end to defeat the pirates.

This is a wild action feast through British controlled Hong Kong. The action never stops as Jackie preforms stunt after stunt, including the "Clock Tower" stunt that is one of Jackie's top ten stunts of all time!

Project A 2 (1987)
[rating: 9/10]
[aka: Project B]

Dragon Ma (Jackie) returns in the sequal to Project A. Although Samo Hung and Yuen Biao are not in this movie it is still wildly entertaining. Maggie Cheung and Brigitte Lin light up the scene in this entertaining sequal. Jackie proves to some of the pirates that he is a good person and the pirates help him in his adventure.

The Protector (1985)
[rating: 5/10]

Jackie Chan and Danny Aiello are New York policeman who end up going to Hong Kong to save a person who has been kidnapped.

This was Jackies second hollywood movie. This is an important movie though because it was this movie that made Jackie decide to make Police Story. Jackie didn't like how this movie turned out and decided to show everyone how a real cop movie should be. There is a two versions of this movie: The original version, and Jackies version. Jackie went back and reshot the ending fight like he wanted it. I hear this is part is quite a bit better than the original American version.

Rumble in the Bronx (1995)
[rating: 9/10]
[aka: Red Bronx]

Jackie came to America to visit his uncle and help with his uncle's store. Little did he know he would get involved in a gang war and diamond smugglers.

There had been other movies made for the US before, The Big Brawl, The Protector, but this was the First true "Jackie Chan" movie that was released in the US. This movie wasn't Jackie in a US movie, this was a Hong Kong Jackie Chan movie that was re-dubbed in English and released in the US. I had seen other Jackie Chan movies before but I never really started to notice him until this movie. This was my first taste of what Jackie could do.

Rush Hour (1998)
[rating: 10/10]

Jackie Chan teams up with Chris Tucker. Stated as "The fastest hands in the East, meets the biggest mouth in the West", this is true. Chris Tucker is a LAPD officer who is out on a limb, if he continues to mess up he will be out of a job. When a babysitting job comes by his superiors desk Chris gets the duty. Jackie is Chris's babysitting job. Chris is to watch after Jackie and keep him out of trouble. Jackie is here because his good friend's daughter was kidnapped for ransom. Jackie gets tired of being led astray by Chris and eventually escapes his grasp. From here Jackie makes contact with his friend and gets on the case of finding the girl.

Rush Hour is Jackie's first MAJOR Hollywood hit! It has already grossed over 120 million in the states and will make more when it enters the video market. This is a must see movie!

Rush Hour 2 (2001)
[rating: 9/10]

Jackie Chan teams up with Chris Tucker in the sequel to the highly successful original. This time we get some nice eye-candy in the form of Ziyi Zhang from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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