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RIPOFFS - Mismarketed movies using Jackie Chan's name.

Drunken Fist Boxing

This movie is like "Snake in the Eagles Shadow 2" in that it takes scenes from another Jackie Chan movie and just inserts them. At the very first there are scenes from Drunken Master then it changes to a completely different movie that has no connection with Drunken Master and features NO Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan's Bloodpact
[also released as 36 Crazy Fists]

This marketing deception takes place right on the front cover. The words "Special Appearance by Jackie Chan" mean simply that they have some footage of Jackie doing stunt work. This footage has just been placed before the movie and wala--Jackie Chan is the star!

Jackie Chan's Crime Force

You have to turn this video over to expose the deception. They put Jackie Chan's name on this one because they have a music video with Jackie Chan and one of the girls in the movie. Jackie is NOT in this movie. Now if you are looking for some early Brigitte Lin work then that's what this movie is.

Jackie Chan's Second Strike

Like so many others on this page, Jackie Chan is NOT in the movie at all. He is in a little footage that is on the video but this is in no way related to the movie, or even something special.

Master of Disaster

Strange, The scenes with Jackie Chan in them don't fit in with the rest of the movie. What is this deceptive tatic used? Moon Lee does appear with Jackie Chan in the first scene? If you've watched this movie then you probably know what I mean about the Jackie Chan scenes not fitting in with the rest. The Jackie Chan scenes are actually taken from the HK version of The Protector, which also stared Moon Lee--see the connection?

Snake in the Eagles Shadow 2

One of the most deceptive techniques I've seen. Whoever marketed this movie as a Jackie Chan movie took scenes from "Snake in the Eagles Shadow" (the first one) and mixed it in with the rest of the movie. You can tell not a lot of thought went into this release because the picture on the actual movie is FULL FRAME and the Jackie Chan flashbacks are WIDESCREEN. What is worse is that they only did this in the first few minutes of the film and nothing in the movie ties in with the Jackie Chan flashback.

The Young Tiger

Right on the front cover you can see the deception. "The Young Tiger, A Four Seas Film, Featuring Jackie Chan." Then it goes on to say, "The physical genius and successor to Bruce Lee's Throne, Jackie Chan, Kung-Fu Cinema's Newest Sensation." They make it seem like this movie is a Jackie Chan movie. But in small print at the bottom you see, "Starring in a 12 minute documentary demonstrating the kung-fu skills that escalated him into worldwide stardom." Hey wait that means Jackie is not in the movie at all. Even though his face is shown bigger than the other two actors on the front cover. Definitly a "leave at the video store" movie.

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