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Shanghai Knights (2002)
[rating: 7.5/10]

Shanghai Noon (2000)
[rating: 8/10]

Jackie's first American Made movie since Rush Hour. Jackie is an Imperial gaurd sent to America save Princess Pei Pei who was kidnapped. Jackie's character gets some help from an unlikely criminal down on his own luck. This is a great jump back to the old west. It's a strange thing to see an Imperial Chinese guard in the old west kicking some major butt. It's all quite refreshing. Owen Wilson (from Bottle Rocket) ads the American Feel that helped draw a more mainstream American Audience, much like Chris Tucker did for Rush Hour.

Snake in the Eagles Shadow (1978)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: Bruce Vs. Snake in the Eagles Shadow / Eagles Shadow]

Jackie combines the teachings of an old man with what he learned from a cat to defeat the bad guy. Jackie made a new Kung Fu style for this movie which was termed: "Snake in the Eagles Shadow," in the movie, and hence the title.

This was Jackies first movie that actually made money. This movie is what started everything! Even though Jackie had made Half a Loaf of Kung Fu before, which was also a comedy, it was never released because Lo Wei hated it. Luckily for Jackie he was loaned out to Seasonal to make this movie! After this movie Jackie made Drunken Master which is the best traditional kung fu/comedy movie ever!\

Thunderbolt (1995)
[rating: 8/10]
[aka: Dead Heat]

Jackie is a mechanic in Hong Kong. His shop details sports cars among other things. When a Hitman/Race Car driver comes to down causing havoc, Jackie helps the police catch him. Jackie was the only one who could help bring him to justice by racing him through the streets of Hong Kong. The Hitman gets released from Jail on technicalities, which is bad news for Jackie. The Hitman kidnaps Jackie's two sisters and holds them hostage making Jackie race him in Japan. Jackie gets together a car and goes to Japan to race the Hitman. Jackie gets his sisters back and wins the race! The Hitman gets what he deserves and gets in quite the wreck on the race track.

Kung Fu fest, this is not. Racing extrodinare, it is! This does have a couple of good fight scenes--mostly great car races! If you HATE car races and only watch Jackie because of Kung Fu then this movie you can skip. This is a GREAT movie though and doesn't get the respect it deserves just because it is not total Kung Fu, Jackie did a great job on this racing movie and well worth the 90 minutes spent watching!

Tuxedo, The (2002)
[rating: ?/10]

Twin Dragons (1992)
[rating: 8/10]
[aka: Brother Vs. Brother / Double Dragon]

Here we find two brothers, both played by Jackie. The two brothers were seperated at birth and live two totally seperate lives. When they both end up in Hong Kong strange things start to happen. You see they are more than just brothers, they are connected--when one gets hurt the other feels pain, etc... This makes for some GREAT fight scenes at the end with one brother helping the other brother fight, a MUST see.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars (1985)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: My Lucky Stars 2: Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars / Target, The]

My favorite of the "Lucky Stars" series. Featuring Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Rosamund Kwan, and many others, including an enjoyable short cameo by Michelle Yeoh. This is of course the lucky stars series so there is plenty of chasing girls. There is a lot of good fights and plenty of slapstick, Sammo really delivers in this one. The end fight sequence is a lot of fun.

Wheels on Meals (1984)
[rating: 10/10]
[aka: Million Dollar Heiress / Spartan X / Weapon X]

One of the great Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung colaborations. Jackie and Yuen run "Wheels on Meals", a food catering service on skateboards. Jackie and Yuen meet a beautiful girl that is the daughter of Yuen's Dad's Love interest. The girl gets in trouble and Jackie and Yuen go to save the day along with a Private Investigator played by Sammo Hung.

Who Am I? (1998)
[rating: 10/10]

Jackie loses his memory after a covert operation goes bad. The people that recruited Jackie didn't want any body talking so they decided to kill the soldiers involved. Jackie ends up in an African tribe's village. When they ask him who he is he doesn't know, he says: "Who Am I?" in question so from then on he is called "Who Am I?" He eventually finds his way out of africa via a cross country vehicle race. His amnesia is diagnosed as temporary and Jackie tries to remember things and piece his life back together. The operation that Jackie was involved in was to steal a special substance that has extreme explosive power. The people in charge of stealing the substance are planning on making weapons out of it. Jackie is a threat to the operation and when the people in charge of the stolen substance find out Jackie is still alive they go to kill him. Luckily Jackie is intuitive and catches on quickly he is over his head and scrambles to stay one step ahead of everybody.

This film is Jackies last HK film before Rush Hour. It was released in theaters throughout Asia in January 1998. This film is a great showcase for Jackie Chan, lots of action and a great plot/story too.

Winners and Sinners (1983)
[rating: 6/10]
[aka: Five Lucky Stars]

Jackie plays a light role as a rollerskating cop. A great stunt which involves a big-rig and Jackie on rollerskates, good stuff. More of a slapstick comedy with Sammo than an action movie with Jackie but I personally like it none-the-less.

Young Master (1980)
[rating: 9/10]

Join the Young Master played by Jackie Chan as he tries to save a fellow student who was led astray by money and whores. Jackie tries to save his friend/fellow student who has now entered a life of crime. Jackie is mistaken for his friend, the now criminal, because they both use a large fan to fight.

This is Jackies first movie for Golden Harvest and still a great Kung Fu classic. The fan fight scenes are fantastic classic kung fu. And Yuen Biao fighting Jackie with a bench is great too.

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