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Jet Li


A Touch of Zen (1968)

All in the Family (1975)

Burn Hollywood Burn, An Alan Smithee Film (1997)

Jackie has a short cameo in this movie. This is a very odd movie. This is not a Jackie Chan movie.

Eric Idle, of Monty Python Fame, plays Alan Smithee. Alan Smithee just got done shooting a movie, Trio. Alan Smithee absolutly hates the movie and wants nothing to do with it. Normally if he hates the movie and wants no credit for it he could change his credit to Alan Smithee, but that's his real name! Alan Smithee is a generic name for a film the director wants nothing to do with. This movie is about the story that unravels around the events that took place because of the awful movie Trio. What's the tie-in with Jackie Chan you might ask? Well Jackie is one of the 3 actors in the movie Trio, along with Sylvester Stalone and Whoopie Goldberg.

Cannonball Run, The (1981) Jackie appears every now and then. He is actually the Japanese race car driver.

Cannonball Run 2 (1984) See more of the same as in "The Cannonball Run."

Fantasy Mission Force (1979)

This was a Jimmy Wang Yu obligation film. Jackie only did this because he owed him a favor. Quite ridiculously done in every aspect.

If you want to see some better work with Jimmy Wang Yu then look to The Killer Meteors, which is not much better anyway. Or if you want to see the best of the 3 Jimmy Wang Yu films then Check out Island of Fire, not quite a masterpiece but a very good prison drama.

Golden Lotus (1974)

Hapkido (1972)

Heroine, The (1971)

Himalayan, The (1975)

Kid From Tibet, A (1991)

Ninja Wars (1982)

Pom Pom (1985)

Project S (1993)
[aka: Once A Cop, Police Story 4: Project S, Supercop 2]

Two In a Black Belt (1984)

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