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Many people have donated time and effort to the page. Below is a list of different Jackie Chan pages along with other people who have donated to the cause.


  • Phil Oleson: My pal, always helps me fix the pages when they are in need of some serious rewrites.
  • Christophe 'ARIOCH' LEMONNIER: Has many scans of movies including some Jackie Chan's. Click the Scanner section to see his list of scanned images.
  • John Charles: Contributed several scans of cover art.
  • FiveStarLaser: Good place to buy movies from. Have contributed several scans to the site.


  • The Official Jackie Chan site: Official StarEast Jackie Chan website.
  • MC4's HK Movie Reviews (Now Offline): Tons of info on all HK movies.
  • Jackie Chan Webzone (Now Offline): Nice Jackie Chan site.
  • Project J (Now Offline): A serious site for serious fans.

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