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Gorgeous (1999)
[rating: 9/10]
[aka: Glass Bottle]

Jackie Chan in a romantic comedy with a few fight scenes added to it. All in all an enjoyable movie. Definatly worth a look, if only for Shu Qi!

Heart of the Dragon (1985)
[rating: 6/10]
[aka: First Mission, The]

Jackie Chan and Samo Hung star in this DRAMA. Jackie has dreams of joining the Navy but his retarded brother, Samo, requires allot of attention. Jackie neglects his brother and Samo gets in over his head. Jackie must decide which is more important to him: His brother, or his career.

Not much action in this movie as it is a DRAMA. There is one good fight scene at the end though. If you want a great Jackie Chan action thriller, this is not the movie for you. If you are out for a decent movie that features Jackie Chan and Samo Hung see this movie.

Island of Fire (1990)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: The Burning Island, Island on Fire, The Prisoner]

Another Jimmy Wang Yu obligation film, Don't even compare this to Fantasy Mission Force. If I ever want to watch a good Prison movie, this is the one I'd watch.

Medallion, The (2003)
[rating: 7/10]
[aka: Highbinders]

Released in late 2003, The Medallion is the second Jackie Chan movie for 2003. The first movie of 2003 was the wildly popular teaming with Owen Wilson in the sequal to Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights. The Medallion's claim to fame is the idea was from the famous Hong Kong liason to the Western World, Bey Logan. While it wasn't as good as I had hoped, it was enjoyable with a remarkable and talented cast.

Miracles (1989)
[rating: 10/10]
[aka: Black Dragon / Canton Godfather, The / Mr. Canton and Lady Rose]

Jackie is a Hong Kong immigrant from Canton. He is taught early on that Hong Kong is a deceitful place. Jackie is saved from certain death when he gets up to buy a rose from a street pedler. Whenever Jackie buys a rose he has good luck. He soon finds himself running one of the biggest triads in Hong Kong. Jackie is so thankful to the street pedler for all the luck--that he helps her out in her time of need.

If you are out for a wild romp through 1930's Hong Kong then this movie is definatly for you. Has some of the best fights ever! There is a great Rope Factory fight, a tea shop brawl, a street riot, and more!

Mr. Nice Guy (1996)
[rating: 8/10]
[aka: Super Chef]

Jackie is a professional chef who cooks up a storm. When he is in the wrong place at the wrong time he gets involved between a drug lord and street gang. The situation thickens when Jackies girlfriend/fiance comes to town and ends up getting kidnapped by the drug lord. Jackie has to save his girlfriend, of course he has to beat up hoards of drug lord employees to do so.

If you are looking for a deeply involved plot, plot twists, story line suprises then this is not the movie you should go see. But if you want a great experience like only Jackie Chan can deliver then this is a movie for you!

My Lucky Stars (1985)
[rating: 6/10]

In the same series as Winners & Sinners, Some good Jackie scenes at very beginning and end, and some great Sammo & Friends slapstick throughout.

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