Poor Subtitles

Poor subtitles hamper everyones viewing experience. If you can't even read the subtitles to know what is going on how can you enjoy the story? This unfortunatly happens on a lot of Hong Kong imports, the movies I enjoy the most! Here we can not even ponder what they are saying in Jet Li's "Kung Fu Cult Master." It is a good thing that we can follow his kicks instead. This has happened because the subtitles were used from the original film print (analog). Welcome to the world of release that movie we just bought quick and easy to try an get a profit instead of spending time to make it look good.

And here is another good example. Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2", perhaps one of the greatest kung fu movies of all time! It is in such a poor font it makes it almost impossible to stay up. But then again, you don't need subs at all to enjoy a movie with Jackie Chan in it.