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Welcome to my collective web-sites. I basically run 3 web-sites, Introduction to Widescreen, Jackie Chan: The Movies, and Jet Li: The Movies. Among these pages you'll find my interests. I am a huge fan of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Hong Kong films in general. I also have a strong belief in watching movies in there original format. I created these web-sites because I, myself, could not find the information I wanted all in one place--or in and easy to understand format. Since I had a hard time finding all of Jackie Chans movies, I created this website to help everybody else do so. When I got a DVD player I became really curious about the different screen formats, what anamorphic is and so-on. I just could not find the information in an easy to understand document that explained everything there is to know about widescreen, so I made one.

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All email correspondence will be kept confidential. If you are worried about recieving unsolicited email from me don't be. I am simply an individual who has an interest in widescreen movies and Jackie Chan. I want to make the knowledge I have of these subjects available. I have no hidden motives for use of your email address.

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