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Movie Credits

The following movies are used my Introduction to Widescreen website. These are all captured from movies I have in my collection on DVD, Laserdisc, or VHS.
  • Avengers, The: Copyright 1998: Warner Bros.
  • Brazil: Director Terry Gilliam, Copyright 1985: Universal Pictures
  • Bride with White Hair, The: Copyright 1993: Tai Seng
  • Cyborg 2: Copyright 1993: Trimark Pictures
  • Dr. No: Copyright 1962: MGM/UA
  • Drunken Master 2: A Jackie Chan Film, Copyright: Golden Harvest
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Copyright 1998: Universal Pictures
  • Fifth Element, The: Director Luc Besson, Copyright 1997: Columbia
  • Hero's Shed No Tears: Director John Woo
  • Irma Vep: Copyright 1996: Fox Lorber
  • Killer, The: Copyright 1989: The Criterion Collection
  • Kung Fu Cult Master: A Jet Li Film
  • Once Upon a Time in China: A Jet Li Film
  • Professional, The: Director Luc Besson, Copyright 1994: Columbia
  • Replacement Killers: Copyright 1998: Columbia/Tristar
  • Singin' In the Rain: Copyright 1952: MGM/UA
  • Temptation of a Monk: Copyright 1993: Fox Lorber
  • Wheels on Meals: A Jackie Chan Film, Copyright: Golden Harvest
  • Who Am I?: A Jackie Chan Film, Copyright 1998: Golden Harvest
  • Yojimbo: Copyright 1961: Director Akira Kurosawa

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