Subtitled Anamorphic Movies

Non-Anamorphic Mode

This anamorphic disc is viewed in the non-anamorphic format for this first set of pictures. When this is viewed on a widescreen TV notice that the subtitles are slightly cut off at the bottom. Most subtitles on DVD's try to appear in a 1.85:1 frame in the center to enable them to be viewed on a widescreen TV without chopping any of them off.

Anamorphic Mode

Notice that the image shown below first is the unsquashed anamorphic image. The subtitles are in the same place as the first image above, notice they are the same. This is because the subtitles are just an overlay, there is not a different overly for the anamorphic mode and the non-anamorphic mode. When the widescreen TV stretches the image out to the correct aspect ratio you can still see that the subtitles appear on the image instead of mostly below like above.