Jackie Chan: My Story (1998)
[rating: 10/10]

Top-Rate documentary about the life of Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan: My Stunts (1999)
[rating: 10/10]

Another top-rate documentary about Jackie Chan's Stunts.

Jackie Chan: From Stuntman to Superstar (1996)
[rating: 6/10]

Documentary by A&E Network about the amazing life of Jackie Chan.

The Invinsible Fighter: The Jackie Chan Story (1996)
[rating: 1/10]

This is just old rehash from his other movies. This copy is subtitled and not legible at all anyway. I would stay away from this movie. If you want a great documentary then get the first 2 on this page, Jackie Chan: My Story or Jackie Chan: My Stunts.

Child Roles

Big & Little Wong Tin-Bar (1962)

Come Drink With Me (1966)
[aka: Girl with the Thunderbolt Kick, The]

Love Eternal, The (1963)

Story of Qui Xiang Lin, The (1964)


I Am Sorry (1987)

Rouge (1988)

Inspectors Wear Skirts (1989)
[aka: Top Squad]

Inspectors Wear Skirts (1989)
[aka: Top Squad 2]

Stagedoor Johnny (1990)

Actress (1993)
[aka: Centre Stage]


Fist of Fury (1971)

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Young Dragons, The (1973)

Dragon Tamers, The (1975)

Dance of Death (1976)
[aka: Eternal Conflict, The]

Iron Fisted Monk (1977)

36 Crazy Fists, The (1979)

Odd Couple, The (1979)

Outlaw Brothers (1989)